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Elizabeth Brewster FAQ

  • What level of care does the Elizabeth Brewster House provide?
    The Elizabeth Brewster House is licensed as an Adult Care Facility. We are able to accept Residents who are a one person assist, can self-propel in a wheelchair, and can assist in their day-to-day self-care.
  • Does the rent rate go up depending on the level of care the Resident needs?
    The rent rate does not increase based on the assistance a Resident receives. The rent rate includes assistants with all care we can provide with our license.
  • What is not included in the rent rate?
    Cable and phone are not included in the monthly rent rate.
  • What is included in the rent rate?
    The rent rate includes medication management, three meals a day plus snack and water cart, assistance with toileting in showering (if needed), housekeeping, activities, and laundry services.
  • What's the pricing?
    Our Day-Only Care Program is $100/day. Our live-in care options cost vary by what room they select. Our suites start at $4,500 but unlike other care facilities, our pricing is fully inclusive with the exception of a cable/phone bill.
  • Do you take insurance as payment?
    The Elizabeth Brewster House does not take Insurance as payment; we are a non-profit private pay facility. However, long term care insurances and VA benefits can reimburse for rent payment where applicable.
  • I have done a tour, what are the next steps?
    The next step after a tour is putting a deposit on a room. A $500 non-refundable deposit holds the room for 30 days and goes towards the first month’s pro-rated rent. Our nurses then do an evaluation with the potential Resident to make sure they meet the criteria to live at the Elizabeth Brewster House. An appointment would be made with the primary care Physical to fill out a medical evaluation. Once these steps are completed, you would set up an appointment to do admission paperwork and begin the move in process.
  • Do we bring our own furniture?
    Many people prefer to bring their own furniture upon moving in. However, we can furnish rooms for an extra $100 per month.
  • Do you have a memory care unit?
    We do not have a memory care unit; the Elizabeth Brewster House is not a locked facility, and Residents are free to walk the grounds or around the village if they’d like.
  • Do you transport Residents to appointments?
    We can transport Residents to appointments if we know in advance and have someone available to drive them.
  • Is there a fee for bus trips and activities?
    There is no fee to participate in activities or ride on the bus. If there is an outing, the transportation is free, but the Residents would pay admission to an event or for their meal.
  • Are there always staff in the building?
    Yes, the Elizabeth Brewster House is staffed 24/7.
  • How many Residents does the Elizabeth Brewster House have?
    The Elizabeth Brewster House typically has around 38 Residents. We are a smaller scale facility, which gives us the opportunity to know our Residents well and form lasting bonds with them.
  • What are the visiting hours?
    People can visit Residents at any time. We do lock the doors at night for safety reasons, but if you come to visit just give us a call and we will let you in.


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